Emacs lisp packages to use desktop.el for crash recovery
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The desktop-recover project uses the standard "desktop.el"
package for session management including crash recovery.

Using this system, when you re-start your emacs you're presented
with a menu buffer, which treats what you had open as a list of
candidates of things you may want to open again.  You can just hit
return to accept the defaults, or you can go through the list,
marking or un-marking which ones you want (using the keystrokes
"*" or "u").

Once you hit return, the state of your desktop will be saved
automatically as you continue working, and if you choose not to
hit return, the automatic desktop save system will be left off
for the session.

Installation instructions are in the comments at the top of
the desktop-recover.el.

The desktop-recover-setup.el file shows a usage example,
(this file is not a necessary component).

Further documentation is included as the help strings for dummy
variables which all begin with the prefix:
"desktop-recover-doc-".  See desktop-recover-doc-toc for a
listing of them.

The primary focus here is development for GNU/Emacs version 23.

I am the sole author of this code, and copyright will be re-assigned to
the Free Software Foundation upon request.

## Copyright 2009 Joseph Brenner
## Author: doom@kzsu.stanford.edu
## Keywords: