A pseudo-pragma adds the "m" method everywhere to list all available methods
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method-menu -- pseudo-pragma to add "m" method everywhere (a more verbose "^methods")


perl6 -Mmethod-menu
> my @monsters = <godzilla minotaur tingler javascript>;
> @monsters.m

   ACCEPTS                   List                     
   ASSIGN-POS                List                     
   BIND-POS                  Array                    
   BUILDALL                  Array                    
   BUILD_LEAST_DERIVED       Mu                       
   Bool                      List                     
   CALL-ME                   List                     
   CREATE                    Mu                       
   Capture                   List                     
   Complex                   Cool                     
   DUMP                      Mu                       
   unival                    Cool                     
   univals                   Cool                     
   unpolar                   Cool                     
   unshift                   List                     
   wordcase                  Cool                     
   words                     Cool


This is essentially a third-party pragma, using the (possibly evil) magic of the "augment" feature: this means it should be used only with extreme caution. It's primary intended use is learning and/or debugging sessions using the repl.

With this pseudo-pragma, every object or class should have an "m" method, which is an even shorter alias for the "menu" method defined by Object::Examine. It gives you a list of all available methods, much like the built-in "^methods" method but in a format that's hopefully more readable and informative, albiet much more verbose.