An emacs package to speed common perl development tasks
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perlnow.el is a collection of utility commands for perl programmers
who use emacs. These commands are designed to help automate some
routine tasks in (1) the initial creation of perl scripts and
modules (2) running, testing and debugging inside of emacs.


Online documentation is available at:

Detailed documentation has been included inside the code itself,
using the "docstrings" that are easily accessible through the
emacs help system, for example:

   ESC x help v perlnow-documentation-tutorial

This looks up the docstring for the dummy variable

Think of it as the poor man's pod (or perhaps the lazy man's info).


Put the perlnow.el file somewhere that's included in your load-path.

Also install Christoph Wedler's template.el if at all possible,
because many features of this package depend on it.  The latest
version of template.el can be found at:

You'll need some custom perl-oriented template.el templates ("*.tpl")
that come with perlnow.el.  Most likely these templates should go in
~/.templates. Stable versions are located here (most of the non-perl
ones were created by Christoph Wedler):

With some alternate versions in similar locations, such as these
experimental ones which are continually under development:

In your ~/.emacs file, add something like the following:

   (require 'template)
   (require 'perlnow)

  (setq perlnow-script-location
      (substitute-in-file-name "$HOME/bin"))
  (setq perlnow-pm-location
      (substitute-in-file-name "$HOME/lib"))
  (setq perlnow-dev-location
      (substitute-in-file-name "$HOME/dev"))


Alternately, if you'd like a different prefix than the
default "C-c\", you can supply it as an argument:

   (perlnow-define-standard-keymappings "C-c'")

Additional installation instructions: