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Migration from old versions

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The intent of this document is to make migration of breaking changes as easy as possible. Please note that all breaking changes may not be included here. Please check the for a full list of changes before finalizing the upgrade process.

Newer versions

Follow latest changes (specially backwards incompatible ones, we follow semantic versioning) in the CHANGELOG:

From 5.1.x to 5.2.x

API changes:

  • Return error message properly, add descriptive error_description for invalid_request error:
# invalid_request error message
# config/locales/en.yml
  unknown: 'The request is missing a required parameter, includes an unsupported parameter value, or is otherwise malformed.'
  missing_param: 'Missing required parameter: %{value}.'
  not_support_pkce: 'Invalid code_verifier parameter. Server does not support pkce.'
  request_not_authorized: 'Request need to be authorized. Required parameter for authorizing request is missing or invalid.'

Database changes:

  • As RFC6749#section-3.3, scope param need to be provided at authorization request in case server doesn't defined default_scope --> Change column attribute: scopes of oauth_access_grants (table that saving authorization_code) MUST NOT be null.
  • Change made at: lib/generators/doorkeeper/templates/migration.rb.erb Of the oauth_access_grants table, change scopes to null: false, default: ''

From 5.1.0 to 5.1.x

API changes:

  • native_redirect_uri option is deprecated now and will be removed soon (see more details here #1238).

From 5.x to 5.1.x

API changes:

  • Error responses now return a 400 HTTP status by default (previously 401), and a 401 only for invalid_client and invalid_token errors.
  • Those who defined custom_access_token_expires_in configuration option need to check their block implementation: if you are calling oauth_client.application to get Doorkeeper::Application instance of your client application, then you need to replace it with just oauth_client.
  • [IMPORTANT]: Doorkeeper access token value, client secrets and so on now has more complexity. It may have possible side-effects in case you have custom database constraints for access token value / application secrets / refresh tokens or you patched Doorkeeper models and introduced token value validations, or you are using database with case-insensitive WHERE clause like MySQL (in this case you can face some collisions). Doorkeeper < 5.1.x access token value matched [a-f0-9] regex, and now it matches [a-zA-Z0-9\-_]. In case you have some db restrictions and you don't use custom token generator please change configuration option default_generator_method in config/initializers/doorkeeper.rb to :hex.

From 4.x to 5.x

Database changes:

  • Doorkeeper::Application now has a new boolean column named confidential that is true by default and has NOT NULL CONSTRAINT. This column is required to allow creating Public & Private Clients as mentioned in Section 8.5 of draft-ietf-oauth-native-apps-12 of OAuth 2 RFC which was previously unavailable. If you are migrating from the Doorkeeper <= 5.0, then you can easily add this column by generating a proper migration file using the following command: rails g doorkeeper:confidential_applications.

    [IMPORTANT]: all the applications (clients) starting from 5.0 / 4.4.x releases are considered as private by default. You need to manually change confidential column to false if you are using public clients, otherwise your mobile or other applications will not be able to authorize. See #1142 for more details.

API changes:

  • [IMPORTANT]: Doorkeeper JSON responses changed: scopes field was replaced with scope, expires_in_seconds to expires_in to be consistent and match the RFC.
  • Doorkeeper#configured?, Doorkeeper#database_installed?, and Doorkeeper#installed? methods were removed, so any Doorkeeper ORM extension doesn't need to support these methods starting from 5.0.
  • Many memoized and other instance variables (like @token in doorkeeper_token method for Doorkeeper::Helpers::Controller) were renamed during refactoring, so if you are using them — just don't do it and call the original methods (helpers, etc) in order to get the required value.
  • Test suite now has a refactored infrastructure: spec_helper_integration now renamed to industry-standard spec_helper.
  • custom_access_token_expires_in option now provides a Doorkeeper::OAuth::Authorization::Context object (|context|) instead of raw params (|client, grant_type, scopes|). The context object has all these variables and you can access them in the block (like context.grant_type or context.client).
  • admin_authenticator block now returns "403 Forbidden" response by default if developer didn't declare another behavior explicitly.
  • Previously authorization code response route was /oauth/authorize/<code>, now it is oauth/authorize/native?code=<code> (in order to help applications to automatically find the code value).

Other changes:

  • Bootstrap CSS was updated from 3.x to 4.0.

From 4.x to 4.4.x

API changes:

  • [IMPORTANT]: 4.4.x release includes backport security fix from 5.x for token revocation when using public clients, so starting from this version all the applications (clients) are considered as private by default. You need to manually change confidential column to false if you are using public clients, otherwise your mobile (or other) applications will not be able to authorize. See #1142 for more details.

From 4.x to 4.3.x

API changes:

  • FactoryGirl changed to FactoryBot.
  • Previously authorization code response route was /oauth/authorize/<code>, now it is oauth/authorize/native?code=<code> (in order to help applications to automatically find the code value).

From 2.x to 3.x

API changes:

  • MongoDB adapter extracted to its own extension.
  • doorkeeper_unauthorized_render_options(error:) and doorkeeper_forbidden_render_options(error:) now accept error keyword argument.

From 1.x to 2.x

Database changes:

  • Added scopes column to applications. Add it with rails generate doorkeeper:application_scopes generator.

API changes:

  • doorkeeper_for DSL was changed to before_action :dorkeeper_authorize!.
  • test_redirect_uri option renamed to native_redirect_uri.
  • mount Doorkeeper::Engine now replaced with use_doorkeeper routes helper.

From 0.4.x to 0.5.x

Rails engine:

Doorkeeper is not an isolated engine anymore. Which means that most of the paths and old related engine methods won't work. Here's a list of things that changed:

  • mount Doorkeeper::Engine won't work. Replace it with use_doorkeeper in your config/routes.rb file.
  • All route paths have changed. If you generated all views, or use custom ones, you'll have to prepend oauth_ to each of them:
# also applies to prefixes (edit_ and new_)
authorized_applications(_path|_url) => oauth_authorized_applications(_path|_url)
applications(_path|_url)            => oauth_applications(_path|_url)
authorization(_path|_url)           => oauth_authorization(_path|_url)

API changes:

  • The locale file has been updated. You'll need to reinstall the file with rails g doorkeeper:install (ignore other existing files) to ensure the gem works properly.
  • Authorization code is now configurable:
authorization_code_expires_in 10.minutes

From 0.3.x to 0.4.x

Database changes:

The column resource_owner_id accepts null values, since we now support the Client Credentials flow.

change_column :oauth_access_tokens, :resource_owner_id, :integer, :null => true

API changes:


Two things were changed in scopes

  • The configuration for scopes has changed. You now have to use default_scopes and optional_scopes instead of the authorization_scopes block:
Doorkeeper.configure do
  default_scopes  :public
  optional_scopes :write, :update
  • You have to translate your scopes in your application's locale file(s).
      public: "Access your public data"
      write:  "Update your data"

From 0.2.x to 0.3.x

Database changes:

Add indexes to database:

class UpgradeToVersion03 < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
    add_index :oauth_applications, :uid, :unique => true
    add_index :oauth_access_grants, :token, :unique => true
    add_index :oauth_access_tokens, :token, :unique => true
    add_index :oauth_access_tokens, :resource_owner_id
    add_index :oauth_access_tokens, :refresh_token, :unique => true

From 0.1.x to 0.2.x

API changes:

  • doorkeeper_for does not accept the :all option anymore.
  • doorkeeper_for only accepts :except option when :all was specified.

Database changes:

class UpgradeToVersion02 < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
    add_column :oauth_access_grants, :scopes, :string

    # If you are upgrading from version 0.1.0, uncomment the line below.
    # add_column :oauth_access_grants, :revoked_at, :datetime

    add_column    :oauth_access_tokens, :refresh_token, :string
    add_column    :oauth_access_tokens, :scopes,        :string
    add_column    :oauth_access_tokens, :expires_in,    :integer
    remove_column :oauth_access_tokens, :expires_at
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