AngularJS provider and service for Pusher
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angular-pusher NPM version

AngularJS provider and service for Pusher

Getting Started


  1. download the files
    1. Bower
      1. add "angular-pusher": "latest" to your bower.json file then run bower install OR run bower install angular-pusher
  2. include the files in your app
    1. angular-pusher.min.js
  3. include the module in angular (i.e. in app.js) - doowb.angular-pusher

See the gh-pages branch, files bower.json and index.html for a full example.


  1. git checkout gh-pages

    1. run npm install && bower install
    2. write your code then run grunt
    3. git commit your changes
  2. copy over core files (.js and .css/.less for directives) to master branch

    1. git checkout master
    2. git checkout gh-pages angular-pusher.js angular-pusher.min.js


Hack doowb/angular-pusher on Nitrous.IO


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