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Easily add ANSI colors to your text and symbols in the terminal. ansi-colors is the official ansi styling library for gulp, and is used by hundreds of other projects, including mocha and enquirer.
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Easily add ANSI colors to your text and symbols in the terminal. A faster drop-in replacement for chalk, kleur and turbocolor (without the dependencies and rendering bugs).

Please consider following this project's author, Brian Woodward, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.


Install with npm:

$ npm install --save ansi-colors


Why use this?

ansi-colors is the fastest Node.js library for terminal styling. A more performant drop-in replacement for chalk, with no dependencies.


const c = require('ansi-colors');

console.log('This is a red string!'));
console.log('This is a red string!'));
console.log(c.cyan('This is a cyan string!'));
console.log(c.yellow('This is a yellow string!'));


Chained colors

console.log('this is a bold red message'));
console.log(c.bold.yellow.italic('this is a bold yellow italicized message'));
console.log('this is a bold green underlined message'));


Nested colors

console.log(c.yellow(`foo ${'red')} bar ${c.cyan('cyan')} baz`));


Nested styling bug

ansi-colors does not have the nested styling bug found in colorette, chalk, and kleur.

const { bold, red } = require('ansi-styles');
console.log(bold(`foo ${red.dim('bar')} baz`));

const colorette = require('colorette');
console.log(colorette.bold(`foo ${'bar'))} baz`));

const kleur = require('kleur');
console.log(kleur.bold(`foo ${'bar')} baz`));

const chalk = require('chalk');
console.log(chalk.bold(`foo ${'bar')} baz`));

Results in the following

(sans icons and labels)


Toggle color support

Easily enable/disable colors.

const c = require('ansi-colors');

// disable colors manually
c.enabled = false;

// or use a library to automatically detect support
c.enabled = require('color-support').hasBasic;

console.log('I will only be colored red if the terminal supports colors'));

Strip ANSI codes

Use the .unstyle method to strip ANSI codes from a string.

console.log(c.unstyle('foo bar baz')));
//=> 'foo bar baz'

Available styles

Note that bright and bright-background colors are not always supported.

Colors Background Colors Bright Colors Bright Background Colors
black bgBlack blackBright bgBlackBright
red bgRed redBright bgRedBright
green bgGreen greenBright bgGreenBright
yellow bgYellow yellowBright bgYellowBright
blue bgBlue blueBright bgBlueBright
magenta bgMagenta magentaBright bgMagentaBright
cyan bgCyan cyanBright bgCyanBright
white bgWhite whiteBright bgWhiteBright

(gray is the U.S. spelling, grey is more commonly used in the Canada and U.K.)

Style modifiers

  • dim

  • bold

  • hidden

  • italic

  • underline

  • inverse

  • strikethrough

  • reset


Create custom aliases for styles.

const colors = require('ansi-colors');

colors.alias('primary', colors.yellow);
colors.alias('secondary', colors.bold);



A theme is an object of custom aliases.

const colors = require('ansi-colors');

  dark: colors.dim.gray,
  disabled: colors.gray,
  em: colors.italic,
  heading: colors.bold.underline,
  info: colors.cyan,
  muted: colors.dim,
  strong: colors.bold,
  underline: colors.underline,
  warning: colors.yellow

// Now, we can use our custom styles alongside the built-in styles!
console.log(colors.warning('Heads up!'));
console.log('Did you know...'));
console.log(colors.success.bold('It worked!'));


Libraries tested

  • ansi-colors v3.0.4
  • chalk v2.4.1


MacBook Pro, Intel Core i7, 2.3 GHz, 16 GB.

Load time

Time it takes to load the first time require() is called:

  • ansi-colors - 1.915ms
  • chalk - 12.437ms


# All Colors
  ansi-colors x 173,851 ops/sec ±0.42% (91 runs sampled)
  chalk x 9,944 ops/sec ±2.53% (81 runs sampled)))

# Chained colors
  ansi-colors x 20,791 ops/sec ±0.60% (88 runs sampled)
  chalk x 2,111 ops/sec ±2.34% (83 runs sampled)

# Nested colors
  ansi-colors x 59,304 ops/sec ±0.98% (92 runs sampled)
  chalk x 4,590 ops/sec ±2.08% (82 runs sampled)


Windows 10, Intel Core i7-7700k CPU @ 4.2 GHz, 32 GB

Load time

Time it takes to load the first time require() is called:

  • ansi-colors - 1.494ms
  • chalk - 11.523ms


# All Colors
  ansi-colors x 193,088 ops/sec ±0.51% (95 runs sampled))
  chalk x 9,612 ops/sec ±3.31% (77 runs sampled)))

# Chained colors
  ansi-colors x 26,093 ops/sec ±1.13% (94 runs sampled)
  chalk x 2,267 ops/sec ±2.88% (80 runs sampled))

# Nested colors
  ansi-colors x 67,747 ops/sec ±0.49% (93 runs sampled)
  chalk x 4,446 ops/sec ±3.01% (82 runs sampled))



Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

Running Tests

Running and reviewing unit tests is a great way to get familiarized with a library and its API. You can install dependencies and run tests with the following command:

$ npm install && npm test
Building docs

(This project's is generated by verb, please don't edit the readme directly. Any changes to the readme must be made in the readme template.)

To generate the readme, run the following command:

$ npm install -g verbose/verb#dev verb-generate-readme && verb

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Copyright © 2019, Brian Woodward. Released under the MIT License.

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