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Here is a lib to consider using for testing CSV parsing: https://github.com/maxogden/csv-spectrum

doowb commented Dec 29, 2013

Good idea. This might be something useful to do with other types of tests in other repos... eg extract all the test files to a requirable repo.

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better CSV utils #4


this might be something useful to do with other types of tests in other repos.

awesome, let's do that. I think I started doing this a while back for templates and data, and it might be published somewhere already. If not we can use node-foo. A bogus module I published on npm for testing purposes.

actually... hmmm. What if we grabbed the test fixtures (credited of course) from several of the libs we use for yaml, json, templates, etc. and just put them up in this test repo? this seems like a great way to keep that junk out of some of our projects

doowb commented Mar 15, 2014

I was looking into using csv-spectrum for tests since I wanted to get this project finished up and ready to use in grunt-convert and gulp-convert, but I'm running into an issue with node-csv.

It seems that it behaves differently based on the type of output (eg, to a file, a stream, or string). It might be good to find another library for this.


closing these since I already created a csv parsing lib

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