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Welcome to 'sones GraphDB' !

This file helps you to get started with the 'sones GraphDB v2.0 Community Edition'. It covers the following subjects:

* Requisites
* Installation
* Application overview
* First steps
* Configuration
* Further information and contact


'sones GraphDB' and associated products are developed in Microsoft C#. The following runtime is required to execute this kind of applications:

* .(dot)NET Framework 4


The Windows installation package comes as one single MSI-file. Please be aware of that you need to be logged in as Administrator to install the 'sones GraphDB v2.0 Community Edition'.
Just double click on the MSI-file to start the installer. A typical installation means to install everything to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Sones'. A custom installation allows you to change this path.

The following will become installed:

* sones GraphDB starter application
* ReadMe
* Desktop shortcuts and Program menu entries

Application overview

The 'sones GraphDB v2.0 Community Edition' includes the following:

* sones GraphDB starter: A command line tool to start up sones GraphDB
* 'sones Webshell': A simple to use shell like application which runs in your browser. It allows you to execute GraphQL statements. 

--Note: For further details about the G(raph) Q(uery) L(anguage) please read the 'GraphQL cheat sheet', which can be found on our web site.

-- Note: The sones Webshell is proved to be compatible with the following web browsers:

	- Firefox 3.x
	- Internet Explorer 9
	- Opera 11.x
	- Safari 4.x/5.x

First steps

At this point we assume that you successfully installed the 'sones GraphDB v2.0 Community Edition'. The following steps may help you to get started.

The following user/password is used by default:

* test/test

Here some useful steps:

* You should find a Desktop icon 'GraphDB Server' on your Desktop, so please double click on it to start up your server instance
* In the Program Menu you can find an entry 'All Programs -> Sones -> sones Webshell'. A click on this link opens your web browser. It now should show the 'sones Webshell'.
* Please enter the command 'DESCRIBE VERTEX TYPES' to get some information about the out of the box existent Vertex Types!


There is a configuration file which is named 'sonesGraphDBStarter.exe.config' located in the installation directory. To edit the file the following steps can be performed:

1. Open the Windows Command Line Shell as the Administrator user
2. Change the directory to the sones GraphDB installation directory
3. Make sure that the file is existent: dir *.config
4. Enter the following command: notepad sonesGraphDBStarter.exe.config


* What's the difference between this evaluation version and the Open Source version?: 'sones GraphDB' is developed under AGPL and a proprietary license. This installation package contains the Community Edition. The main difference is that the Community Edition only supports non persistent data storages.
* Where to find the source code?: ''
* Please check if there is another application using the required network ports.
* What are the default login credentials?: test/test 

Further information and contact

* ''
* ''

Feel free to contact us directly via email: ''

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