Branch and merge to fix bugs! Fix all 30 (without causing any new ones) to get a perfect score!
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QA Simulator 2012

A not so loose interpretation of the theme. Branch and merge to fix bugs!


How to Play

The stream moves from the top left and wraps onto each line. Black circles represent bugs you need to fix. The stream is made up of a random pattern; by looking at the pattern, you can infer what the black circle should be.

To fix a bug:

  • Select the section with the bug
  • Branch what you selected
  • Switch into branch mode
  • Select the bug in your branch
  • Cycle through possible fixes
  • Switch back into stream mode
  • Merge your branch, placing it on top of whatever is selected

Merge correctly to fix bugs! Merge incorrectly and you'll create all new ones!

Goal: Fix all 30 bugs (without causing any new ones) to get a perfect score!

Scoring: Commits are scored when they roll off of the stream at the bottom right.

  • Gain one point for every bug you fix (that you didn't cause!)
  • Lose one point for every bug you cause that makes it to the end

(During playtesting, I did find that you could play the game well and never go into branch mode. But, branch mode is more fun, don't you think?)


  • Space: Switches between branch mode and stream mode
  • Left/Right: Moves your selector

In branch mode:

  • Up/Down: Cycle through possible fixes

In stream mode:

  • Down: Branches what you have selected, overwriting any branch you already have
  • Up: Puts your branch on top of whatever is currently selected

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