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MyPaint - drawing program with dynamic brushes for graphic tablets
The license is described in the file LICENSE.
Documentation can be found within the program and on the homepage:
A list of contributors can be found in the about dialog.
Building and installing on Linux
Compile and run:
$ scons
$ ./mypaint
# scons prefix=/usr/local install
# scons prefix=/usr/local install --clean
Install (for packagers):
$ scons prefix=/usr --install-sandbox=`pwd`/path/to/sandbox
(NOTE: the sandbox location must be located under the current working
directory, and be specified as an *absolute* path. Using `pwd` or your
build environment's absolute path-to-here variable should achieve that.
The above installs the main launch script (for example) as
"./path/to/sandbox/usr/bin/mypaint". Use a symlink if that's too
Required: pygobject, gtk3, python, swig, numpy, pycairo(>=1.4), libpng,
lcms2, json-c
(NOTE: pygobject must be built with --enable-cairo)
Debian users can fetch these dependencies by running:
# apt-get install g++ python-dev python-numpy \
libgtk-3-dev python-gi-dev gir1.2-gtk-3.0 python-gi-cairo \
swig scons gettext libpng12-dev liblcms2-dev libjson0-dev
Recommended: a pressure sensitive input device (graphic tablet)
Runtime linker
You may need to update's caches and links after installation on some
systems. As root,
# ldconfig
Do this if you get any messages about MyPaint not being able to load when run on the command line.
If you installed to a $prefix other than the trusted locations, /usr/lib and
/lib, you may need to add a line for it into /etc/ or
before running ldconfig. Scons won't do this for you because the need to
perform the action varies by distribution, and package distributers need to be
able to defer it to post-installation scripting.
Icon theme caches
Take care to update the icon theme cache for your $prefix if you're installing
mypaint to a location which has one of these files already. If you install new
icons, any existing icon cache must be updated too, otherwise MyPaint won't be
able to find its icons even if it looks in the right place. For example for an
install into /usr (which has one on most systems), you should run
$ gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/hicolor
$ chmod a+r /usr/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache
after installation to ensure that the cache is up to date. Scons won't do this
for you because the cache file is optional.
If you install to /usr/local, you may need to run this instead:
$ gtk-update-icon-cache --ignore-theme-index /usr/local/share/icons/hicolor
Building on Windows
Starting point for up-to-date information:
Building on Mac
Starting point for up-to-date information: