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Martin Renold
Martin Renold committed Dec 31, 2012
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+Version 1.1.0:
+- geometry tools: sequence of lines, curved lines, ellipses
+- new brush and layer blending modes; different layer merging
+- new color dialog: palette and gamut mapping
+- improved document frame, can be resized on canvas
+- symmetric drawing mode
+- old color changer ("washed") from 0.6 is available again
+- toolbar improvements, e.g. move layer mode, pan/zoom
+- revised cursor and on-canvas color picker
+- better separation of mypaint's brush library; json brush file format
+- translations, performance improvements, bugfixes, and more
Version 1.0.0:
- toolbar with color, brush selector and brush settings dropdown
- tool windows can be docked instead of floating

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