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SConscript Fix #15, change name of binary to dopey Aug 12, 2013
SConstruct Build: Make OpenMP usage opt-out Jul 6, 2013
changelog changelog update Dec 31, 2012
mypaint-gegl.py lib: Make the C++ part of TiledSurface a member, not base class Jul 6, 2013
mypaint.py logging: pretty colours, and --logfile now copies Jul 10, 2013
release.sh build: burn in git revision and timestamp Apr 10, 2013



Dopey is a program for traditional 2D animation based on MyPaint and an old fork of it, xsheet-mypaint by Manuq. In May 2013, I forked xsheet-mypaint, updated it to MyPaint HEAD, and started adding features.

This program is not endorsed or supported by any of the MyPaint developers, but we can all agree that they're pretty rockin' because they make the fantastic paint backend and most of the UI that Dopey relies on so much.

Building, MyPaint credits, and License

For building instructions and information about the contributors to MyPaint, see README.mypaint. For information about the license of this program, see LICENSE.

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