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This project started as a simple script fetching the latest comments on a subreddit and compiling their authors' flairs into a bar chart.

Version 2 of flairstats does implement more features, in particular :

  • getting the statistics for a given period of time or number of comments
  • getting statistics about unique users posting
  • getting statistics about the activity during the day of flair or a user
  • have a ranking of the most used flairs overall and in function of the time
  • taking snapshots of the current data
  • data backup in a dbm file
  • unlike v1, also take in account new posts

Project status

The development branch can be found here.

Features are :

  • Comments flairs presence statistics (as in V1)
  • Comments unique users flairs statistics
  • Post authors flairs presence statistics
  • Post flairs presence statistics
  • Posts unique users flairs statistics
  • Provide graphs
  • Pretty HTML output


this project follows the semantic versionning guidelines provided at with versions numbered as major.minor.revision :

  • major is increased after a backwards incompatible api change.
  • minor is increased after a backwards compatible api change.
  • revision is increased after a change with no effect on the api.

any version with major being 0 should not be considered stable nor should its api.

Versions history can be found in the file


This software and all related documents are licenced under the MIT licence (see LICENCE file for more informations).


Copyright 2016 Simon Doppler