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screenfeeder : An feed reader for GNU screen 

What ?

screenfeeder is an RSS reader designed to run in GNU screen.

Why ?

To keep in touch with the real world while working behing black screens. 

How ?

1/ Create ~/.screenfeeder
2/ Copy screenfeeder script into this directory
3/ Set urls of your feeds in a file. Say ~/.screenfeeder/feeds/. (one url per line)
4/ Edit your ~/.screenrc like this 

# screnfeeder launched as backtick 42
backtick 42 0 0 "/home/fv/.screenfeeder/screenfeeder" "/home/fv/feeds"
bind f screen -t 'rss_feed' 10 /home/fv/.screenfeeder/screenfeeder

# hardstatus line
hardstatus alwayslastline "%42`"
# a more complicated 
# hardstatus alwayslastline "%{+b kw}%H%{kg}|%c|%42`|%{ky}%d.%m.%Y|%{kr}(load:%l)%-0=%{kw}"

How does it works ?

When using GNU screen the screenfeeder script will be launched as the #42 backtick. A backtick is a configuration
directive witch allows to launch a command and display it in the hardstatus line updating it each time a new line
character is emitted by the backtick command. 

When launching screenfeeder without argument it will guess the parent process id and find the file wich stores the
current feed item url. It will launch a webbrowser to this url.