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WiFi enabled cartridge for the 16-bit SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive console.

What's in this repo?

This repository consists of a compilation of subprojects related to the MegaWiFi cartridge, along with some additional documentation. The subprojects are added as submodules, so make sure you clone the repository with -r switch if you want them all.


You will find several source submodules under the src directory:


Documentation is located at the doc directory.


Please have in mind this is work in progress. Right now you can send/receive data using TCP sockets, but most of the additional planned functions are still unimplemented.


Most of the code and docs you will find here are written by doragasu, with some help from Migue/Manveru. Please check each submodule for additional documentation.


Contributions are welcome. Right now I need help specially with two topics:

  • Games: If you are a Megadrive game developer, please consider adding online functions using MegaWiFi.
  • Emulator support: To ease creating games, it would be desirable to add MegaWiFi support to emulators. If you are brave enough to give it a try, I'll help you as much as I can.

Also if you want to report bugs or add features, please open the issue or send the pull request to the corresponding submodule.