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A new porting px gui
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PX-GUI v0.0.1


Originaly developed on Windows 2000 using MinGW32 and Dev-C++ IDE. There is no configure or Makefile for linux. It's all up to you, ppl. Im just silly wind0ze programmer trying to get myself outside the M$ paradigm... Anyway, this project resides in my head right now - what's done is done from scratch. It's my first GUI project and Im inventing everything from ground-up without any help or reading about GUI systems. I think that that's the right sole to make something completely new :)

SDL 1.2.6 (
C++ compiler

What's inside:
- basic button (no click handlers yet, only redraw on mouse click)
- basic draggable window with z-ordering and alpha blending (no font support yet) 
- mouse focusing

- everything ;)

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