A script & configurations for deploying django projects into a projects directory. (Intended for Apache and mod_wsgi)
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A Django Apache mod_wsgi Deployment Script

You might find it useful for deploying multiple django projects to apache and mod_wsgi. This will also allow you to run your projects out of independent virtualenvs.


apache2 python-setuptools libapache2-mod-wsgi python-pip python-virtualenv pyyaml

Output of deployer.py

This script will create a directory with the following files:

  • apache/environment.wsgi: a wsgi config file with necessary extensions to sys.path to get your django app running off in a virtualenv
  • apache/site.conf: an apache config file with hard-coded links to the project's environment.wsgi file (and virtualenv)
  • logs: an empty directory for apache logs
  • backups: an empty directory for backups
  • project_env: your virtualenv
  • %(project): a 'git clone' of your project


Edit the configurations in "configs.yaml" and run "python deployer.py". (note: deployer.py requires "pyyaml")

After running, you will need to configure the database and create a symlink from the apache configurations to the "site.conf" file. For this, I'd recommend something like this:

  • ln -s /path/to/proj/my_cool_proj/apache/site.conf /etc/apache/sites-available/my_cool_proj.conf
  • ln -s /etc/apache/sites-available/my_cool_proj.conf /etc/apache/sites-enabled/my_cool_proj.conf

Install Python Requirements in Virtualenv

When it comes time to install project requirements, you must first activate your virtualenv:

source /path/to/proj/my_cool_proj/project_env/bin/activate

then install requirements

#example pip install -r requirements.pip