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DLib is a collection of C++ classes to solve common tasks in C++ programs, as well as to offer additional functionality to use OpenCV data and to solve computer vision problems.

I have found myself using these functions very often, so I hope they may be useful to other researchers and developers too.


DLib is divided into 3 libraries for different purposes:

  • DUtils: utilities for several common C++ program requirements. It includes these classes:

    • BinaryFile: reads/writes binary files
    • LineFile: reads/writes text files by lines
    • ConfigFile: reads/writes text files with the format key = value
    • FileFunctions: mkdir, rmdir, dir... functionality
    • Math: math functions
    • Random: pseudo-random number functions
    • STL: functions for STL containers
    • StringFunctions: functions to manipulae strings
    • Timestamp: operates with timestamps
    • TimeManager: manages collections of timestamps
    • Profiler: measures execution time of portions of code
    • DebugFunctions: functions to measure memory consumption
  • DUtilsCV: utility functions for OpenCV data types. Classes included:

    • Drawing: functions to draw keypoints, data, axes...
    • GUI: shows images in windows and allows some user input
    • IO: I/O functions for storage and printing
    • Mat: functions to remove rows from matrices
    • Transformations: functions to deal with spatial transformations
    • Types: functions to convert between OpenCV data types
  • DVision: functions to solve computer vision tasks. Classes included:

    • BRIEF: implementation of the BRIEF descriptor
    • FSolver: implementation of the RANSAC + 8-point algorithm to compute fundamental matrices between images
    • HSolver: implementation of the RANSAC + DLT algorithm to compute homographies between images
    • ImageFunctions: functions to get patches from images
    • BundleCamera: reads/writes camera files created by the Bundle software
    • PMVSCamera, PatchFile, PLYFile: read/write data created by the PMVS software
    • PixelPointFile, Matches: read/write multi-purpose pixel and 3D data files