Mouse hover/position behaviour broken in 0.5.6 #15

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Mouse hover behaviour that seems to work brilliantly in 0.5.5 is broken in 0.5.6.

Most simple steps to recreate is trying to trigger anything in a browser that relies on mouseover or hover.

I hope this isn't a dupe, I checked the trac issues too and couldn't find it there.


dorianj commented Jun 12, 2012

Any chance you could do a bisect and figure out when it broke?

A bisect?

The repo here doesn't seem to have tags for versions/releases. Can you point me in the direction of which commit most likely represents 0.5.5 and 0.5.6?


dorianj commented Jun 12, 2012

Sorry, I thought our tags got imported from svn.

0.5.5 is a9f7e71
0.5.6 is 694c794


Wow, 0.5.6 is that far back? I guess it could have been fixed since then, would you be able to test on the HEAD of master to see if this issue has been fixed? When I get a chance I'll try it myself.


dorianj commented Jun 14, 2012

Latest git works for me connected to WinXPSP3. Please re-open if it doesn't for you, and please post what version of Windows you're using.

dorianj closed this Jun 14, 2012

Ahh brilliant. Alright, I'll test again on HEAD of master when I get a chance.

FYI, I've been connecting to Windows 7 SP1, that's where the issue arose with 0.5.6.

This is still an issue in the latest version. However, it only occurs in Full Screen mode. Windowed mode works just fine.

yaaki commented Sep 3, 2014

This is still an issue on OSX 10.9.4 running Windows 7 in full screen mode.

Sorry to say that this issue still exists in OSX in full screen mode while running Windows 7.

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