Tools for testing jQuery widgets in Jasmine.
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How to use

You'll need to include the main JasmineQuery js file in your SpecRunner.html. Then, you'll get access to all the matchers you need to setup mock events manually (because you might not always want them). I'd suggest adding it to the beforeEach just like in the event examples.

***See all examples***

Why JasmineQuery?

JasmineQuery is the tool various teams we work with were missing from their projects. We'd often ask ourselves "surely there's a simpler way". After a few custom solutions in individual tests which quickly made the tests unreadable it was apparent that this problem needed solving. JasmineQuery is hoping to iteratively grow into everything you need to write readable, managable jQuery tests in Jasmine. See how we're doing so far by ***reading the examples*** for yourself. Tests should document behaviours so how better to document the behaviour of a testing helper than write some tests that show how it works!

Who wants to write:


When they could write:


Who wants to write:


When they could write:


Who wants to write:


When they could write:


Who wants to write:


When they could write:


Who wants to write:

expect($('.myThing').text().indexOf('abc') > -1).toBe(true);

When they could write:


Dev Approach & pull requests

Steward Digital work using some Core Code Quality Principles which should all be pretty familiar. We apply these principles to tools like JasmineQuery as well as full on projects. If there's a feature you think is missing then you might be the first person to need it, you've got 3 choices:

  1. Add it yourself, send a pull request
  2. Document how it should work with a broken test and send a pull request
  3. Email to request the new feature


It's always good to get feedback. Let us know how you find it at


  • Add support for bubbling events (e.g. clicking a child element should fire the click handler on a parent with appropriate
  • Add support for data param with 'on'
  • Add 'off' support
  • Add 'one' support
  • Support events with namespaces