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caffeine tracker to map out caffeine over a period of time
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Caffeine Intake Tracker

Welcome to the Caffeine Intake Tracker. The wellness app that helps you become more aware of your caffeine intake along with your mood and sleep levels.

landing page for app


The problem this app resolves is that in which people usually intake a specific amount of caffeine on a regular basis. But some people, like myself, do not realize if the amount of caffeine they intake is more than how much one should normally be consuming.

This is a problem because:

  • anything consumed in excess is harmful

  • excess coffee, or highly caffeinated drinks could be correlated to health issues such as anxiety, stress, or insomnia.

  • In addition, the problem is not being educated enough on how much caffeine different drinks contain

    • such as an iced latte vs. iced coffee
    • different brands such as Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts.


Caffeine part of your everyday? Track your caffeine, sleep and mood levels.

  • Sign up for an account or Login

  • Log your caffeine beverage, hours of sleep the night before, as well as your mood for that day. Upon selection of beverage, and size, if one had previously inputted the same details, the app calculates the average amount of sleep one had the night prior upon consumption!

  • Keep track of your intakes throughout the week on the data graph.
  • View past weeks intake on the graph summary below.

Want just a general quick look about the caffeine in specific beverages?

  • Use the top quick look feature to view the caffeine levels of different sizes of a specific beverage

  • Or use the bottom quick look feature to compare caffeine levels of two different beverages.*

This same feature is available without needing an account, through the home page!


Express, Node.js and PostgreSQL were used to develop the back-end. ReactJS and HTML/CSS were used to build the front-end.

And the following packages were used as well:

  • Passport - authentication for Node.js

  • Recharts - charting library

  • Moment - parse, validate, manipulate, and display formatted dates and times in JavaScript

Future Features

  • Implement a mood tracker and data visiualization

  • Push notifications for reminding to track intake

  • Make it phone browser friendly

  • Update the API with more caffeine data

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