Designing Classification-Based Citizen Science Learning Modules
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Crowdclass: Designing Classification-Based Citizen Science Learning Modules

Doris Jung-Lin Lee, Joanne Lo, Moonhyok Kim, Eric Paulos

Crowdclass is a novel method that integrates the learning of advanced scientific concepts with the crowdsourcing microtask of image classification. The system is written in Django 1.9. The Juptyer notebooks used to conduct our analysis is provided in the analysis folder. For more details see our HCOMP paper.


  • python 2.7
    • comes by default on most systems
    • check installed version with python -V
  • pip: package manager for python
    • install with sudo easy_install pip
  • django 1.9
    • install with sudo pip install django

Starting the Web-App

  • clone the git repository:
    • e.g. git clone
  • navigate to /crowdclass/webapp/crowdclass
  • run python runserver
    • open a web browser to http://localhost:8000