Installing on Mac without admin rights

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##VirtualEnv According to suggestion from Stack overflow

ENV_OPTS='--no-site-packages --distribute'
PYTHON=$(which python)
wget $URL_BASE/virtualenv-$VERSION.tar.gz
tar xzf virtualenv-$VERSION.tar.gz
rm -rf virtualenv-$VERSION
$INITIAL_ENV/bin/pip install virtualenv-$VERSION.tar.gz


I wasn't able to fully activate the virtual environment wrapperBecause it was already installed inside the administrator machine so I have to refer to the direct path of where the files lie the compiler is the python program inside rc3 folder which is supposed to be the virtual environment which I cannot activate.

You can now referred to pip as rc3/bin/pip you know have to refer to all of the python compiler and pick as using their pathname /RC3/bin/ (whatever program you have here end bracket). Outside the directory you can do, rc3/bin/python to start the Python compiler

#Installing other dependencies rc3/bin/pip install astropy


gunzip Montage_v3.3.tar.gz 
tar xpf Montage_v3.3.tar 
cd Montage_v3.3
vim  lib/src/two_plane_v1.1/initdistdata.c 

change line 31 and subsequent return to -1 and 0 respectively (see my Mac Factory reset gist notes) then cd out and make

bigdog:doris doris$ pwd
bigdog:doris doris$ PATH=$PATH:/Volumes/Research/doris/Montage_v3.3/bin
bigdog:doris doris$ mAdd

In one line PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)/Montage_v3.3/bin so now I can do rc3/bin/pip install montage-wrapper

Astromatic Software

Leaving the worst ones to the last. Unfortunately I cannot use SciSoft because I cannot interact with the gui installer , I can't even use RPM installer because it's not available on Mac and the RPM installer that you can download on Macports is corrupted. So I need to restore to compiling from source and all its dependencies. Note that since I do not have administrative rights I will have to install the programs A bit differently in the configurations step.

gunzip tiff-3.9.5.tar.gz
tar -xvf  tiff-3.9.5.tar
cd tiff-3.9.5
    % ./configure
    % make
    % su
    # make install

This doesn't work because I don't havePermission rights to the installation directory sold during the configuring step to tell the compiler to installing this location

./configure --prefix=/Volumes/Research/doris/
make install

No sudo is required.

Dependencies for STIFF is described in my May 30 notebook

gunzip jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz 
tar -xvf jpegsrc.v6b.tar 
cd jpeg-6b/
./configure --prefix=/Volumes/Research/doris/
make test
make -n install
make install

Have not finished installing libjpg,and zlib Installed zLib in using the same way wget LibJPG is not installed because of File not found issue On the local directory I am assuming that if I am just working with two files then I don't need to JPEG dependency I am unable to install stiff because it cannot detect the new files that I installed so I decided to scp over all my files from my size soft directory on my laptop to bigdog which then I could activate sextractor and stiff by calling it was the direct path as I did with the Python installation. If this works then sextracter would also work. Then I will install sextractor Then I'll be done finally

It turns out that both sextractor and stiff so I am trying to scp overall thescisoft packages from my local machine to big dog. This doesn't work because that bin executable file was build on the system which had an exact file pathname which differs from the one on big dog local directory.

Activate the rc3 virtual environment process by . rc3/bin/activate

wget wget wget tar xvfz nose-0.10.1.tar.gz tar xvfz numpy-1.8.1.tar.gz tar xvfz pyamg-1.0.0.tar.gz

Had the dependencies installed on admin side set path lcoation PATH=/usr/bin/:/data/small/des/montage/montage/Montage_v3.3/bin/:/bin:/usr/local/bin/ python -i

from rc3Catalog import RC3Catalog rc3cat = RC3Catalog() sloan = SDSS() rc3cat.mosaicAll(sloan)