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a command-line Twitter client, integrated with CloudApp's URL shortening
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You can use this to send tweets via the command line, with URLs optionally shortened by your CloudApp account.

Dorkitweet is pretty rough around the edges, but I thought someone may find it useful.


I pretty much only use Dorkitweet as a way to tweet via Alfred.

Now, to send a tweet from my Mac, I just do this:

  1. press command-space
  2. type tweet blah blah blah blah blah
  3. press Enter

kickinrad, no?

FYI, here are my Alfred Extension settings to make it work:

CLI Usage

Send a tweet from the account "dorkitude":

./ dorkitude Hello there!  Learn more about wizards at

Send a tweet and shorten the URLs:

./ --shorten_urls dorkitude The following URL will be shortened:

Setup / Requirements

Do this to get started:



  • MongoDB running on localhost at port 27017
  • a Twitter account
  • a CloudApp account

( will prompt you to register your own Application on Twitter.)

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