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-`Gunicorn`_ 'Green Unicorn' is a WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX. It's a pre-fork
-worker model ported from Ruby's Unicorn project. It supports both `eventlet`_
-and `greenlet`_. Running a Flask application on this server is quite simple::
+`Gunicorn`_ 'Green Unicorn' 是一个 UNIX 下的 WSGI HTTP 服务器,它移植自 Ruby 的
+Unicorn 项目,是一个 pre-fork worker 模型。它既支持 `eventlet`_ ,也支持
+`greenlet`_ 。在 Gunicorn 上运行 Flask 应用非常方便::
gunicorn myproject:app
-`Gunicorn`_ provides many command-line options -- see ``gunicorn -h``.
-For example, to run a Flask application with 4 worker processes (``-w
-4``) binding to localhost port 4000 (``-b``)::
+`Gunicorn`_ 提供许多命令行参数,可以使用 ``gunicorn -h`` 来获得帮助。下面的例子
+使用 4 worker 进程( ``-w 4`` )来运行 Flask 应用,绑定到 localhost 的 4000
+端口( ``-b``::
gunicorn -w 4 -b myproject:app
.. _Gunicorn:
.. _eventlet:
.. _greenlet:
-Proxy Setups
-If you deploy your application using one of these servers behind an HTTP
-proxy you will need to rewrite a few headers in order for the
-application to work. The two problematic values in the WSGI environment
-usually are `REMOTE_ADDR` and `HTTP_HOST`. Werkzeug ships a fixer that
-will solve some common setups, but you might want to write your own WSGI
-middleware for specific setups.
+如果你要在一个 HTTP 代理后面在上述服务器上运行应用,那么必须重写一些头部才行。
+通常,在 WSGI 环境中经常会出现问题的有两个变量:
+`REMOTE_ADDR` 和 `HTTP_HOST` 。 Werkzeug 带有一个修复工具可以用于常用的设置,
+但是你可能需要为特定的设置编写你自己的 WSGI 中间件。
-The most common setup invokes the host being set from `X-Forwarded-Host`
-and the remote address from `X-Forwarded-For`::
+最常用的设置是调用 `X-Forwarded-Host` 定义的主机和 `X-Forwarded-For` 定义的远程
from werkzeug.contrib.fixers import ProxyFix
app.wsgi_app = ProxyFix(app.wsgi_app)
-Please keep in mind that it is a security issue to use such a middleware
-in a non-proxy setup because it will blindly trust the incoming
-headers which might be forged by malicious clients.
-If you want to rewrite the headers from another header, you might want to
-use a fixer like this::
class CustomProxyFix(object):

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