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Dorm Room Fund Engineering Applications

Thanks for your interest in applying to the DRF Engineering team! Our application is pretty simple.

Please submit a pull request to this repo with the following three things in a new directory applications/$username, where $username is your GitHub username.

You can see an example application here.

Basic Info

Please include the following information, in a valid JSON blob stored in application.json. Please use the keys in the example.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • University
  • Graduation Year
  • Resume (Link)
  • LinkedIn (Link)
  • Website (Link, Optional)
  • DRF Referral (Optional)

You can optionally encrypt this file using the instructions at the bottom of this document, in which case you would name the file application.json.enc.


We want to get to know you a bit better! Include a paragraph or two in a file called, with the following information.

  • What do you like to hack on?
  • Which project are you most proud of?
  • What do you feel that you could get out of joining the DRF team?
  • Why are you uniquely capable of doing this job?
  • What's your most memorable characteristic?

You can optionally encrypt this file using the instructions at the bottom of this document, in which case you would name the file


We have the world's quickest coding challenge for you to do! In a subdirectory called challenge, please include your solution to the following.

What is the most creative way you can get a circle to appear on the screen of a web browser?

Please include a run script ( which we can run to test your solution. This script should do any necessary building and compilation, and print either an address or a file we can open in a web browser running on the same machine. Make sure the script contains a valid shebang.

If you start a server, make sure you background it and have the script print out a URL to visit. If you start a server, please use the $PORT environment variable (which will be set for you) to determine which port to start the server on.

Please note, if you are calling python in your run script, you should be explicit about calling either python2 or python3.

Alternatively, if your solution is a static site, you can simply include an index.html file and omit the run script.

Encrypting Your Application

If you wish to conceal your personal information, you can encrypt individual files using the public key found in this repo (public.pem). Please append the extension .enc to any file you encrypt. To encrypt a file, you can use the below command (make sure openssl is installed).

openssl smime -encrypt -aes256 -binary -in application.json -outform DEM -out application.json.enc public.pem


Shoot Yasyf an email ( if something looks wrong, broken, or confusing.


Apply to the DRF Engineering team!




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