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Open Architecture license

Open license allows free knowledge and information sharing in the architecture and construction industry. The open-source revolution helps professionals to use and create better designs, better profitability and reduced cost by providing a libre sharing economy.

Benefits of using OAL:

  • Share architectural works freely
  • No liability
  • Recieve credit and recognition for derivative works

Why do we need a license for architecture?

  • Architecture isn't software or content. Architecture can be expressed in blueprints (source) or the built form, but in it's built form it's not distributed.
  • Creative commons and software licenses regards the built form as a derivative of the blueprints and the license applies to the structure. This means that the client is free to distribute the work.
  • Architects need a license that is flexible and allows them to sell their work without any restrictions while sharing their work with other professionals.

Download the open architecture license template to get started.

More information about [open source architecture] (

The license was written by Jonathan Klingler and is based on the BSD license.