Get WordPress notifications to your team's Slack channel.
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Slack Notifications by dorzki

Light and customisable WordPress plugin to integrate your site with Slack.

Choose what type of notification you would like to receive:

  • WordPress Update Available
  • Plugins Updates Available
  • Administrator Login
  • New User Registration
  • New Comments
  • Nee WooCommerce Orders
  • WooCommerce Product with Low Stock
  • And much more!

Download the plugin from WordPress's plugins directory.

Table of Contents

  1. Plugin Hooks
  2. Examples
  3. Changelog
  4. Contributions
  5. Contact

Plugin Hooks





Version Changes
2.0.5 [FEATURE] On post type update the user who updated will be displayed on the notification.
2.0.4 [FEATURE] Added failed administrator login notification.
[HOTFIX] Skip notification if a comment was marked as spam.
[HOTFIX] Fixed typo on new note notification. (Thanks to Music47ell)
[HOTFIX] Fixed wrong IP address when the server is behind load balancer.
2.0.3 [HOTFIX] two factor collision.
[FEATURE] Added new support page.
2.0.2 [HOTFIX] Fixed issue with const no accepting return value. (Thanks to Sven Wagener)
[HOTFIX] Fixed issue with PHP 5.4. (Thanks to Sven Wagener)
[HOTFIX] Fixed text domain.
2.0.1 [FEATURE] Added RTL support.
[HOTFIX] Fixed issue with plugin doesn't update database.
2.0.0 New version with new UI and better notification customization.
Added actions and filters.
Added native WooCommerce support.
1.0.12 Fixed an issue when a CPT is being updated a notification of publication was fired, thanks to nunas for reporting.
1.0.11 Fixed wrong parameters order on custom post type notification.
1.0.10 Removed languages directory. Added the ability to post to several channels.
1.0.9 Fixed issue with old PHP versions.
1.0.8 Fixed broken plugins notification.
1.0.7 Added future, pending and updated post notifications.
Added future, pending and updated page notifications. Several plugin fixes.
1.0.6 Fixed issue with image embed on WYSIWYG editor.
1.0.5 Changed text domain slug to plugin slug.
Added error notice if there is a problem with API.
Fixed notifications not firing because of value type.
Added test integration button.
Updated Hebrew translation files.
1.0.4 Fixed plugin text domain function.
Added Hebrew translation.
Plugin directory cleanup.
1.0.3 Fixed translation strings.
Added .pot file.
1.0.2 Fixed notices errors ( thanks to LocalGhost-IL ).
Fixed issue when sometimes the slack notifies on new theme without version ( thanks to yehudah ).
Added support for Travis CI & PHPUnit ( thanks to barzik ).
1.0.1 Now when a notification is generated, the website name & url will be appended at the end.
Added the ability to choose if and for which custom post type to enable notifications.
1.0.0 Hooray! First version!




If you have any questions feel free to contact me at webmaster[AT]