A game about time traveling tram made in the time traveling tram of 0h Game Jam! http://0hgame.eu/
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Time traveling tram needs a driver! Traveling through time needs proper navigation just like when traveling through the city. However, time traveling is tough and needs faster and faster reaction each turn! Switch the crossovers properly and ensure that our tram arrives safely one hour before!

How to play?

Use keyboard arrows to switch crossovers. The bottom one tells you which position should be set right now (for the next turn), while the top ones tell you which ones come next. If your arrow is green - you're ready to take the next turn. If it's red - oops, better fix it right away!

Play here: http://dosowisko.net/0h/

Why time traveling tram?

Because this game was made in the time traveling tram (Düwag GT8), departing from Most Dworcowy (Poznań, Poland) station at 2 AM 2014-10-26, driving through the city for one hour and arriving at the same place at 2 AM 2014-10-26!

Both the real time traveling tram and my game about time traveling tram were part of 0h Game Jam organized by Sos Sosowski.


The photo of Düwag GT8's dashboard comes from http://www.km-forum.com.pl/galeria/details.php?image_id=11848

The game is available under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later.