Pandora FMS server instance composed and run by Docker with help of docker-compose
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Pandora FMS server instance composed and run by Docker with help of docker-compose. Compatible with Centos 6+ and docker-compose file v2.1 (not 3!).

  • Stores Pandora Server DB files on the Docker host by mapping the DB data folder to lcoal.
  • Includes Postfix service configuration for sending emails to the Pandora admins.
  • Syncronizes docker host time with container via mapping /etc/localtime to containers.

Docker-compose creates a bridged network for the containers in the subnet It is designed to work out-of-box but in case of changes in the network configuration, make sure to change server IP in the Postfix configuration under server-config/postfix/

How to start the server:

  1. Change password for Server root user and MySQL DB to secure in docker-compose.yml.
  2. Copy files to target docker host.
  3. Create empty folder ./db
  4. docker-compose up

To bring it down (it destroys containers!):

  1. docker-compose down