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Copyright (c) 2006 Daniel Owsianski (daniel-at-jarmark-d0t-org)
Changes by Nate Walker 2008 (kiwinewt-at-gmail-d0t-com)
Rails framework default configuration way is, as we all know,
flexible and simple at the same time. Troubles begins when Your
application starts to grow - some form of app specific configuration
is then required to keep all as DRY as possible.
AppConfig plugin provides a convenient way for configuration
application wide settings. Extra custom files in config/ or other
unusual configuration hacks are no longer needed. AppConfig extends
Rails configuration process in a way that allows to setup application
specific options within default configuration block.
== Installation:
You can install directly from the repository:
$ script/plugin install git://
Note: This plugin was originally obtained from:
*NOTE*: because AppConfig modifies Rails configuration internals,
must be included *before* Rails::Initializer#run.
If You are using Rails v1.1+ this step is taken *automatically* during
installation. Otherwise add the following line to conf/environment.rb file:
require 'plugins/app_config/lib/configuration'
(somewhere between line 'require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'boot')
and '')
== Usage
You can specify app-wide settings in configuration file(s)
using 'app_config' prefix e.g. environment.rb: do |config|
# --- My killer-app specific settings:
config.app_config.my_key = 'my value'
config.app_config.boot_time =
config.app_config.default_mail_subject = '[appconfig] '
config.app_config.my_hash = {:a=>1, :b=>2}
but also in e.g. environment/development.rb
config.app_config.default_message = "I'm now in development mode..."
Access to previously configured settings from within application
code is also dead easy:
AppConfig.param('my_key', 'value if my_key is nil')
... #executed when my_key is nil
safe parameter testing
Happy (re)configurations!
Author:: Daniel Owsianski, (daniel-at-jarmark-d0t-org)
Author:: Nate Walker 2008 (kiwinewt-at-gmail-d0t-com)
Version:: 0.1
Home page::
License:: Copyright (c) 2006 Daniel Owsiañski.
Released under MIT-LICENCE (included).
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