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== 1.0.9
* Fix incorrect integer column values (only affecting some dbf files)
* Add CSV export
== 1.0.8
* Truncate column names on NULL
* Fix schema dump for date and datetime columns
* Replace internal helpers with ActiveSupport
* Always underscore attribute names
== 1.0.7
* Remove support for original column names. All columns names are now downcased/underscored.
== 1.0.6
* DBF::Table now includes the Enumerable module
* Return nil for memo values if the memo file is missing
* Finder conditions now support the original and downcased/underscored column names
== 1.0.5
* Strip non-ascii characters from column names
== 1.0.4
* Underscore column names when dumping schemas (FieldId becomes field_id)
== 1.0.3
* Add support for Visual Foxpro Integer and Datetime columns
== 1.0.2
* Compatibility fix for Visual Foxpro memo files (ignore negative memo index values)
== 1.0.1
* Fixes error when using the command-line interface [#11984]
== 1.0.0
* Renamed classes and refactored code in preparation for adding the
ability to save records and create/compact databases.
* The Reader class has been renamed to Table
* Attributes are no longer accessed directly from the record. Use record.attribute['column_name']
instead, or use the new attribute accessors detailed under Basic Usage.
== 0.5.4
* Ignore deleted records in both memory modes
== 0.5.3
* Added a standalone dbf utility (try dbf -h for help)
== 0.5.0 / 2007-05-25
* New find method
* Full compatibility with the two flavors of memo file
* Two modes of operation:
* In memory (default): All records are loaded into memory on the first
request. Records are retrieved from memory for all subsequent requests.
* File I/O: All records are retrieved from disk on every request
* Improved documentation and more usage examples