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2012-06-27 v3.04 documentation graduated and moved out of parents house :)
new trigger for 'repo specific umask'
new 'list-dangling-repos' command
new LOCAL_CODE rc var; allow admin specified programs to
override system-installed ones
new 'upstream' trigger-cum-command to maintain local
copies of external repos
new 'sudo' command
minor backward compat breakage in 'gitolite query-rc'
'perms' command can now create repo if needed
migrated 'symbolic-ref' command
'gitolite setup --hooks-only'
2012-05-23 v3.03 fix major bug that allowed an admin to get a shell
2012-05-20 v3.02 packaging instructions fixed up and smoke tested
make it easier to give some users a full shell
allow aliasing a repo to another name
simulate POST_CREATE for new normal (non-wild) repos
(just for kicks) a VREF that allows for voting on changes
to a branch
bug fix: smart http was not running PRE_ and POST_GIT
htpasswd migrated
2012-04-29 v3.01 mostly BSD and Solaris compat
also fork command added
2012-04-18 v3.0 first release to "master"
This is a compete rewrite of gitolite; please see
documentation before upgrading.