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use strict;
use warnings;
# Clearly you don't need a program to make one measly symlink, but the git
# describe command involved in generating the VERSION string is a bit fiddly.
use Getopt::Long;
use FindBin;
# meant to be run from the root of the gitolite tree, one level above 'src'
BEGIN { $ENV{GL_BINDIR} = $FindBin::RealBin . "/src"; }
use lib $ENV{GL_LIBDIR};
use Gitolite::Common;
=for usage
Usage (from gitolite clone directory):
to run gitolite using an absolute or relative path, for example
'src/gitolite' or '/full/path/to/this/dir/src/gitolite'
./install -ln [<dir>]
to symlink just the gitolite executable to some <dir> that is in
$PATH. <dir> defaults to $HOME/bin if <dir> not specified. <dir> is
assumed to exist; gitolite will not create it.
Please provide a full path, not a relative path.
./install -to <dir>
to copy the entire 'src' directory to <dir>. If <dir> is not in
$PATH, use the full path to run gitolite commands.
Please provide a full path, not a relative path.
Simplest use, if $HOME/bin exists and is in $PATH, is:
git clone git://
gitolite/install -ln
# now run setup
gitolite setup -pk /path/to/
my ( $to, $ln, $help, $quiet );
'to=s' => \$to,
'ln:s' => \$ln,
'help|h' => \$help,
'quiet|q' => \$quiet,
usage() if $to and $ln or $help;
$ln = "$ENV{HOME}/bin" if defined($ln) and not $ln;
for my $d ($ln, $to) {
if ($d and not -d $d) {
print STDERR "FATAL: '$d' does not exist.\n";
my $version = `git describe --tags --long --dirty=-dt`;
if ($to) {
system("cp -a * $to");
_print( "$to/VERSION", $version );
} elsif ($ln) {
ln_sf( $ENV{GL_BINDIR}, "gitolite", $ln );
_print( "VERSION", $version );
} else {
say "use the following full path for gitolite:";
say "\t$ENV{GL_BINDIR}/gitolite";
_print( "VERSION", $version );