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Forge Build Status NPM

This is Forge, our interface framework and pattern library. It defines a set of base styles and common patterns shared throughout our website. It's a strong foundation for building beautiful interfaces.

Forge was built for our internal needs at, but it could also work for your organization. Feel free to fork this repository and use it as a starting point for your own pattern library, or read more about why we open-source our code.


You can get your own copy of Forge using NPM:

npm install @dosomething/forge

Include the bundled dist/forge.css and dist/forge.js in your page. Be sure to include jQuery 1.11+ and the bundled Modernizr build dist/modernizr.js. That's it! Check out the online pattern library and start building.

Forge supports Chrome 46+, Firefox 42+, Safari 8+, Android 4+, iOS 8+, and Internet Explorer 8+ (with polyfills). For IE 8 support, you'll need to include HTML5Shiv and Respond.js.

Local Development

You can also run the pattern library on your local machine! Here's the steps:

  1. Fork & clone this repository.
  2. Run npm install to configure dependencies.
  3. Run npm start to build assets, watch for changes, and run styleguide server.
  4. Check it out at localhost:3000 in your browser!


Β©2016 Forge is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file. The name and logo for are trademarks of Do Something, Inc and may not be used without permission.