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The Gambit Conversations Mongo database contains a conversations collection to store users' chatbot conversation states, and a messages collection for the corresponding inbound and outbound conversation messages. This data is exposed via GET /v1/conversations and GET /v1/messages resources, consumed by Gambit Admin.

Conversations and their messages are created via the Gambit Conversations POST /v2/messages endpoint:

Note: Our Front custom channels also make requests to POST /v2/messages?origin=support to send support messages to Users from agents in Front. See Support

Member messages

Replies to inbound messages are sourced from Rivescript defined in the /brain directory. Each /messages?origin=twilio request calls the Rivescript getReplyAsync function to find the reply defined in Rivescript. The member middleware parses the Rivescript reply, determining whether to return the Rivescript reply or call a macro.

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