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# Python code representing a Maven artifact
class MavenArtifact:
def __init__(self, gav):
"""Initialize an artifact using a colon separated
GAV to relative path groupId:artifactId:type:version
gavParts = gav.split(':')
if (len(gavParts) > 3):
self.groupId = gavParts[0]
self.artifactId = gavParts[1]
self.artifactType = gavParts[2]
self.version = gavParts[3]
print 'Invalid GAV string: ' + gav
def getArtifactType(self):
return self.artifactType
def getDirPath(self):
"""Get the relative repository path to the artifact"""
relativePath = self.groupId.replace('.', '/') + '/'
relativePath += self.artifactId + '/'
relativePath += self.version + '/'
return relativePath
def getBaseFilename(self):
"""Returns the filename without the file extension"""
filename = self.artifactId + '-' + self.version
return filename
def getArtifactFilename(self):
"""Returns the filename of the artifact"""
return self.getBaseFilename() + '.' + self.artifactType
def getArtifactFilepath(self):
"""Return the path to the artifact file"""
return self.getDirPath() + '/' + self.getArtifactFilename()
def getPomFilename(self):
"""Returns the filename of the pom file for this artifact"""
return self.getBaseFilename() + '.pom'
def getPomFilepath(self):
"""Return the path to the artifact file"""
return self.getDirPath() + '/' + self.getPomFilename()
def getSourcesFilename(self):
"""Returns the filename of the sources artifact"""
return self.getBaseFilename() + '-sources.jar'
def getSourcesFilepath(self):
"""Return the path to the artifact file"""
return self.getDirPath() + '/' + self.getSourcesFilename()
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