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3d slideshow for silverstripe
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PieceMaker for SilverstripeCMS

PieceMaker for SilverstripeCMS is a 3d flash slideshow module that uses XML and is configured from SiteConfig

maintainer contact

Silverstripe Module

Piecemaker Flash code


How to use it

  • Rename the folder to PieceMaker
  • Add the dependencies if you haven't already in your project.
  • Add the module to your silverstripe installation.
  • run dev/build.
  • open your admin's SiteConfig and go to Showcase tab.
  • add some PMSlides.
  • add <% include PieceMaker %> to the template you want to show the slideshow.
  • you are done!

All the config stuff is inside file, so endusers will not be able to screw things.

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