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MoinMoin theme based on Twitter Bootstrap
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A simple MoinMoin theme based on Twitter Bootstrap.
Comes with responsive navbar and sidebar.

You can create your own sidebar by creating a page called SideBar.

Tested with MoinMoin 1.9.7 on Python 2.7.5.

For details, please refer to the project wiki.





  1. Get files by cloning the repository or download a zip and unpack it.
    To clone:

    $ git clone
  2. Copy into plugin directory data/plugin/theme/. Location of the directory varies according to how you installed MoinMoin.

  3. Copy directory memodump into static files directory MoinMoin/web/static/htdocs/. Again location of that directory will vary. It could be:

    • /usr/share/moin/htdocs if you installed MoinMoin from Ubuntu package
    • /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/MoinMoin/web/static/htdocs if you installed MoinMoin from zip
    • and so on
  4. Done! If you run MoinMoin on a server, you might have to terminate running MoinMoin processes to reflect changes.
    e.g. on Ubuntu:

    $ pkill moin

How to use

There are two ways to apply the theme.

As your personal theme, keeping default theme unchanged

  • Log into your wiki and go to user preferences page. (Settings near the upper left corner, then Preferences)
  • Choose memodump from Preferred theme dropdown box.
  • Hit save button at the bottom of the page.

As the default theme

Edit to change theme_default.

    theme_default = 'memodump'

Please note that indentations are important in python codes, and here you must indent the line by exactly 4 spaces.


For details, please refer to the project wiki.


Create a page named SideBar to create your own site-wide sidebar. In sidebar, list items receive special menu-like styles.

Site logo

If you go with the default wikiconfig, the default logo picture will run off the navbar height. This theme is not optimized for the default logo picture (although it won't break page design). By disabling the logo, MoinMoin will use your site name as a text logo with a link to the FrontPage. To do it, just comment out logo_string in

    logo_string = ...


#   logo_string = ...

Location area

On top of page contents, we have an area which shows where in the wiki you are now, and when it was updated last time.
However, showing the info on every page feels a bit redundant. You can define a list of pages which comes without the info.
Define a list memodump_hidelocation in The list has page names as its entries.

    memodump_hidelocation = [page_front_page, u'SideBar', ]

By default, page_front_page is the only page in the list.

Menu items

Basic knowledge of python language is required!

By defining memodump_menuoverride in, you can override menu entries.

    memodump_menuoverride = [

For details, please refer to the project wiki.


  • Some words in the theme are not translated. (Can be translated via WikiDictionary pages, though)
  • Sidebar area is reserved even if SideBar page does not exist nor is accessible.
  • editbar and actionsMenu are replaced with the theme's own menu functionality, and settings on the replaced will not affect the new menu.
  • Original actionsMenu were listing all additional actions automatically, but the menu of this theme won't do so automatically.

License and copyrights

Copyright 2014 dossist.
This theme is licensed under GNU GPL.
Twitter Bootstrap is copyrighted by Twitter, Inc and licensed under the MIT license.
MoinMoin is copyrighted by The MoinMoin development team and licensed under GNU GPL.
Icons and some part of CSS were taken from the default modernized theme.

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