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mkdir -p ~/Projects
cd ~/Projects
git clone
cd dot-star


Prevent accidental wildcard deletion

$ rm *
cowardly refusing to run `rm' with a dangerous wildcard

List folders and files in current directory

$ l

List folders and files in a tree-like format (using the `tree' command)

$ t

Run a smarter git diff

$ df

Set clipboard

$ pwd | clipboard
$ pwd | clip
$ cat file.txt | c

Run `git add --patch'

$ addp

Go up one directory

$ ..

Go up two directories

$ ...

Go up more directories

$ ....
$ .....
$ ......

Backup a file or directory

$ b
'' -> ''

$ b project/
'project' -> 'project_2018-06-16_000000'
'project/' -> 'project_2018-06-16_000000/'

Search for files by file name

$ f filter
Searching paths and filenames containing "*filter*":

View git status

$ s
git status
On branch master
Your branch is up to date with 'origin/master'.

nothing to commit, working tree clean

View last git diff

$ difflast

View git log

$ log

List git stashes

$ list
stash@{0}: On master: work in progress

Show a git stash

$ show 0

Run git pull

$ pull

Open the current directory

$ oo

Search for files containing text

$ s "admin.ModelAdmin"
./ GroupAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
./ UserAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):

Search for files containing text and edit

$ se "admin.ModelAdmin"
(file contains search keyword and is opened)

Case-sensitive search for files containing text

$ ss keyword

Song duration added to `file' command

$ file "Out of it All by Helen Jane Long.mp3"
Out of it All by Helen Jane Long.mp3: Audio file with ID3 version 2.4.0, contains:MPEG ADTS, layer III, v2, 160 kbps, 22.05 kHz, Monaural (4,832,126 bytes)


$ dotstar
$ ./

The installation and update may be run repeatedly. Neither action will remove nor overwrite files outside the dotstar directory.


  • Mac
  • Ubuntu


There should be one-- and preferably only one --command to do it.