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CLionSourceCodeAccess (UE4 <= 4.18)

A CLion Plugin for Unreal Engine

The plugin creates a fully flushed out CMakeList file for use with CLion, adding intellisense, compiler definitions, etc. Please visit https://github.com/dotBunny/CLionSourceCodeAccess/wiki for information on how to install and use the plugin.

This will be the last release of the plugin seperate from Unreal Engine. To all those in the community that helped and contributed: Thank You! It is because of contributions like yours that projects like this thrive and grow.

CLionSourceCodeAccess (UE4 >= 4.19)

As of Unreal Engine 4.19 the plugin has been merged into the UE4 source code and will be distributed with Unreal Engine. You can check it out the repository, and see some of the changes done to UBT that made it possible.


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