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JARVIS: Streamer's Butler

A digital assistant comprised of features from a streamer's wishlist

Project depreciated for JARVIS.NET


This couldn't of been made without all of the awesome developers out there making their work availble to the public.

Is JARVIS helping you? Show some love for @reapazor and @dotbunny on Twitter!

Feature Overview

  • Simple Notification Log
  • Output Data Files
    • Spotify latest song w/ truncation
    • Spotify latest album cover image
    • Spotify latest URL
    • Twitch latest follower
    • Twitch latest followers
    • Twitch channel views
    • Twitch channel display name
    • Twitch current game
    • Twitch current viewer count
    • Working on text
    • Coffee count
    • Crash count
    • Saves count
    • ... easy to add more counters ...
  • Configurable Overlay (For Browser Sources)
    • Accessible local data endpoints
    • Also lets you host any page!
  • Optimized!
    • < 15 MB memory footprint - It's 10.4 MB on our test systems!


Prebuilt Version

While not always the latest and greatest, occasionally we will update the "easy mode".


Make sure to edit the jarvis.json configuration file!

Compile From Source

Make sure you install the necessary libraries for JARVIS to do his thing.

go get github.com/zmb3/spotify  
go get github.com/chosenken/twitch2go  
go get github.com/andygrunwald/go-jira
go get github.com/fatih/color
go get github.com/atotto/clipboard
go get github.com/akavel/rsrc
go get github.com/skratchdot/open-golang/open
go get github.com/getlantern/filepersist
go get github.com/thoj/go-ircevent
go get github.com/getlantern/systray
go get github.com/matryer/resync
go get github.com/bwmarrin/discordgo
go get github.com/jpillora/backoff
go get google.golang.org/api/youtube/v3
go get golang.org/x/oauth2/google

Depending on your platform you may need to adjust the build scripts, they work on macOS and Linux varieties. We just haven't made the windows equivalents.

It's important that GO's 'bin' is in your path (on macOS/Linux) for the build scripts to work. A default GO install often does not include it, so you must manually go back and add it.

Configuration File

The only arguement used during execution of JARVIS is a path to the configuration JSON file, if that argument is not present, JARVIS assumes it is in the launch directory.

This is a work in progress, there are a lot more options in the file, you simply need to go looking


Option Description Type Example
OutputPath The absolute path to where the outputted data files should be placed string "/Users/reapazor/StreamingData/"
Prefix The prefix applied to messages sent to Discord with general purpose, also tied to icons which appear in the log channel. string <:jarvis:326026030458601472>


Option Description Type Example
PollingFrequency How often should Spotify be polled for new information on what's playing/happening. Current recommendation is to keep this at every 5 seconds. string "5s"
ClientID The ClientID can be found on your Spotify Developer page for the app; you most likely will need to create an app first to find it. string "7d90d691a1194380a3704dfb818x8cb1"
ClientSecret Same idea as the ClientID, it can be found in the same spot, right underneath. string "520dab945cbd4d738df58a124826a91c"
TruncateTrackLength The character length at which the combined artist and track name will be truncated integer 85
TruncateTrackRunes The characters to append when truncating with the TruncateTrackLength string "..."


Option Description Type Example
PollingFrequency How often should Twitch be polled for new information. Current recommendation is to keep this at every 10 seconds. string "10s"
ClientID The ClientID can be found on your Twitch Connections page for the app; you most likely will need to register an app first to find it. string "d9srlt99fyxzrwa9k9ad2zjzjzl3xh"
ClientSecret Same idea as the ClientID, it can be found in the same spot, right underneath. You may need to click the New Secret button. string "3owshhw8ukfp2x3i34v3mnh5sjsgo0"
ChannelID This is the numerical identifier of your channel, it isn't so simple to get off hand. Check the section below on one way to get it. integer 21139969
LastFollowersCount The number of followers to store in the previously followed list. Twitch typically returns 25 records (even if you request less) and caps it at 100 entirely. integer 10

Get Your Twitch Channel ID

Hop on over to terminal and fill this command out, and it will return some JSON with your "ChannelID" listed in it.

curl -H 'Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json' -H 'Client-ID: <CLIENT ID>' -X GET https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/users?login=<USERNAME>


Once you have managed to wrangle GO into compiling the source, you simply need to run the executable. The app will spawn browser tabs to process the OAuth2 login through.You will need to do this every time the app stars, thus, it has been automated as best as can be.

Notice the tray icon, it has a menu.


As of 0.1.1, the "Overlay" feature is experimental, but in theory you can create many things with it. In tools like OBS, you would add a browser source and set it to http://localhost:8080/overlay and it will serve the content there.

There is also a neat little feature where you can server other html files in the www folder, http://localhost:8080/page/?spotify-image.html for example will serve a browser source version of the spotify image that refreshes every 5 seconds.

Data Endpoints

While JARVIS is running, there are numerous endpoints available for extraction data (these are only a few of them), outside of the file repository:

Endpoint Data
http://localhost:8080/spotify/track The current track text from Spotify
http://localhost:8080/spotify/image The raw image data from Spotify
http://localhost:8080/twitch/follower/last The last person to follow you on Twitch
http://localhost:8080/twitch/viewers/current The number of people watching the Twitch stream
http://localhost:8080/stats/workingon Your last set Working On text
http://localhost:8080/stats/coffee Your current coffee count

Feature Requests

Drop them in the Issues section, and mark them as an enhancement (label). Please understand that this is just a side project, resulting from not liking what was currently available.