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Escalation Portlet needs startup task #283

wezell opened this Issue · 4 comments

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It looks like we are going to need a SQL Startup task to add the role needed for Escalation portlet to work.

here is the GIST:


this is easier
[5/7/12 11:04:46 AM] Will Ezell: if the required role does not exist, spit out a message to the user
[5/7/12 11:05:52 AM] Will Ezell: saying - "Before you can use the Esclation Portlet, you need to create the proper role - with key ""
[5/7/12 11:06:05 AM] Will Ezell: instead of throwing a nasty error

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@jtesser jtesser #283 b3f8555
@jtesser jtesser referenced this issue from a commit
@jtesser jtesser #283 42449b6

Dean without the role it should tell you to add it. And with it should work. The new Portlet

@jtesser jtesser closed this

Dean will QA test


I would say that we don't need to check this as task #378 is gonna delete everything about this escalation implementation

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