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Mario Kart Wii (Wiimmfi) Rich Presence for Discord
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Mario Kart Wii (Wiimmfi) Rich Presence for Discord


  • Updates every 15 seconds (Discord minimum)
  • Displays your friend code (if desired) or any other message,
  • Displays whether you're playing Worldwide, Regional or Friends
  • Displays current track with image
  • Displays whether it is a VS race or a Battle match
  • Displays number of players in the lobby
  • Loads from a configuration file
  • Precompiled binaries


VS race:

VS race



Offline/not in a room:

Offline/no room


When you run the program for the first time, it will write a skeleton configuration to config.json, like this:

  "friendCode": null,
  "watchURL": "[YOUR ID]"

friendCode can be your friend code or other message surrounded by quotes. Leave it as null if you don't want to show it. watchURL is the important bit: it's the page to scrape. To find this, go the Wiimmfi MKW Stats page while you are in an online match and find your friend code or Mii name. Put the URL the eye icon Watch icon next to your friend code links to here.

Advanced users might want to use their own Discord application for the Rich Presence. For that, you can add a client_id key, with your Discord-given Client ID. You'll need to upload the art assets yourself.

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