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Speakers, please pull request your talk title+abstract or send it to Sylvain by email ;-)

The timetable will depend on the content of your talks, please submit them first!

Jeremy Ashkenas

Talk title

Talk abstract

Mathias Bynens

JavaScript ♥ Unicode

In this talk we’ll take a look at the various ways JavaScript relies on Unicode, and what the consequences are for JavaScript developers.

Christian Amor Kvalheim

MongoMan or the simplicities of multiplayer

We all secretly dream about being game developers and building the next big game out there. Let me take you through a trip of gaming and the basics of node.js game coding with a fun surprise at the end.


Talk title

Demoscene, designer/programmer processes and new WebGL dev tools

Bert Belder

Talk title

Node.js - the "journey" of how a file travels through the system and node up to the network card


Talk title

Talk abstract

Addy Osmani

The Developer Toolbelt Of Tomorrow

Building a JavaScript webapp these days usually requires a plethora of tools, boilerplates, frameworks and a lot of glue to get them to work together. In this session, I'll show you how to put together an efficient JavaScript tooling workflow.

New DevTools features, WebStorm, Yeoman and more discussed.

Brian LeRoux

Talk title

Talk abstract

Charlie Robbins

Open Source like a Boss

Talk abstract

Vojta Jína

You can do amazing things

I realized all of the cool guys that do all the great projects and stuff, they are just normal people. I realized they have a lot in common, in the way they do things. I would like to share these things along with a couple of stories, to motivate people to do amazing things.

Kevin Schaaf

Components in JavaScript

Benefits of having clean encapsulation and APIs for UI components

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