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dotJS Speaker guidelines

1. Understand what makes dotJS special

dotJS is much closer to a TED conference than to a regular tech conference (the dotJS team also organizes TEDxParis)

It means that:

  • We'll completely break the "No Stage" rule of JSConf and have a spectacular stage instead (
  • The audience will be fully focused on the speaker (laptops will be allowed in the 1st floor but won't be practical)
  • We'll have a single track, so relatively few speakers (we had to turn down a lot of good proposals)
  • Talks will be shorter: 20 minutes + 5 minutes of questions

2. Understand your audience

The audience will be mostly web developers, attracted through local JS/HTML5/Node user groups, Hacker News, the JS Weekly newsletter, Twitter, Lanyrd, ...

3. Choose a subject you're passionate about

We haven't selected you as a speaker because we'd like you to talk about your company or even your main open source project.

We wanted you because you are a bright hacker who can inspire people and have insights on deeply technical matters.

So you are free to choose any subject, as long as it's linked to JavaScript ;-) The most important thing is to be passionate about it, and bring something new and exciting to the stage.

4. Rehearse

We usually make the TEDxParis speakers rehearse with us 5 to 8 times before the event. We have established as a fact that the difference between a good talk and an great talk is often just a few rehearsals!

For dotJS, we trust you enough to be confident you'll prepare and rehearse your talk properly. We only ask for at least one video call a few weeks before the event to go through your talk together and brainstorm what can be further improved.

5. Make it special!

In the end, you are what makes this conference special!

Remember that you won't be a background noise in a room of people hacking away. Everybody will be listening to you expecting a talk worth of your number of GitHub followers ;-)

This audience focus is our gift to you, and the minute you walk on stage it becomes your responsibility ;-) Engage the audience, and keep them focused through the 20 minutes of your talk!

Surprise them, make them laugh, make them cry with some WTFJS, make sure they'll come back home, remember your talk and brag about it to their friends...

If you need something special on stage, or any other kind of custom happening we'll be more than happy to help. (See the Practical Info sheet for available hardware and plugs on stage).

See you soon at the conference and feel free to reach out if you need anything!

The dotJS team

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