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Egg (Emacs Got Git).

v1.0.3 (not released)

  • Persistenk hunk state fixes
  • Made the mode compatible with package.el's format
  • support emacs 22. use interactive-p wrapper function
  • fix not to use goto-char function
  • support stage multiple files You can select target files and type "s" on status view, you will stage selected files.


  • fixed window kill when finish commit or cancel commit
  • fixed don't work when .git directory is symlink


  • add feature to stage selected area on egg-status Thanks for jedbrown and mooz


  • add option comment for egg-mode-key-prefix
  • update indent .
  • add feature for diff other repository .


  • fix bug of View File History .

v 0.95

  • change egg-goto-block-filename function to bypte-compile some environments . Thanks for Antoine Levitt .

v 0.94

  • add const of egg-version .

v 0.93

  • fixed magit path . Thanks for SebastianRose .
  • added egg-log-msg-cancel for quit from buffer commit message . Thanks for Alexander Prusov .
  • use vc-git for showing vs-mode-line . Thanks for Alexander Prusov .
  • hide HEAD for log . Thanks for Alexander Prusov .
  • remove long long message in define-egg-buffer . Thanks for Alexander Prusov .
  • fix bug in egg-decorate-log (substring args out of range) . Thanks for Alexander Prusov .
  • add changelog to fix magit path. Thanks for Alexander Prusov .

v 0.92

  • fixed details of egg log buffer show escape charactors
  • fixed log search error
  • fixed egg-log-buffer-reflog-ref message no escap
  • fixed history search to log-buffer unescaped
  • change egg-auto-update default off
  • add egg-switch-to-buffer option . Thank for Q.P.Liu .
  • fixed that history page is not unescape .
  • reverting change which broke IDing of refs (breaking push) . Thanks for A. Amar .
  • remove debugging code from log decorator . Thanks for A. Amar .

v 0.91

  • support git 1.7.x from strav/master
  • fixed log output
  • status auto-update merge from bandresen/master
  • Fixed bug in egg-hunk-section-cmd-visit-file-other-window. from eostrom/master
  • Merge branch 'blamefix' of git:// into mkleehammer-master
  • fork git://