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Egg (Emacs Got Git).


Egg is an Emacs interface to git. It's a suite composed of a minor-mode and various special-buffers presenting different UIs to help the user performing many git operations.

  • egg-minor-mode: providing git-specific vc-look-alike interface including similar key-bindings, a minor-mode menu and history annotations (blame).
  • egg's status-buffer:
    • index manipulation/commit preparation
    • interactive rebase stepping
    • merge conflict resolution
    • stashing work-in-progress
    • adding ignore pattern
    • staging new files
    • ediff or ediff3 launching. (e.g. 3-way ediff of work-dir/INDEX/HEAD, 3-way ediff of work-dir/theirs/ours)
  • egg's log-buffer
    • browse repo's history
    • ref (tag, branch, etc) creation and deletion
    • push and fetch
    • start merge/rebase/interactive-rebase session
    • attach/detach HEAD
    • search history (pickaxe)
    • compare revisions
  • egg's file-log-buffer: restricted version of the log-buffer, used to browse history of a single file.
  • egg's reflog-buffer: restricted variation of the log-buffer, used to browse the git's reflog and re-attach HEAD.
  • egg's query:commit-buffer: restricted variation of the log-buffer, used to browse history-search's results (pickaxe)
  • egg's stash-buffer: a log-buffer look-a-like, used to browse and apply stash entries to work-dir
  • egg-grep: a compile-mode which can grep files in non-checkout git revisions.
  • egg's commit-log-edit buffer: used to compose the commit-message for the upcoming commit. it can do some minor index manipulation.
  • egg's tag:msg-buffer: used to compose the message of an annotated tag
  • egg's diff-buffer: used to view the delta between file or repo revisions.


The design and most ideas in Egg was borrowed/stolen from Magit. However, egg has grown with many functionalities not present in magit and should be considered based its own merits.


Magit is an interface to the version control system Git, implemented by Marius Voller. His code at: