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What: Emacs conference for users and developpers

When: March, 30

Where: Forward

Various other resources:

Speakers and availabilty


Bastien Guerry, In Praise Of The Org Community (10 minutes)

“In Praise of the Org Community”

Org does break many FLOSS (golden?) rules about good practices in developing free softwares: we have no real bug tracker (sorry Joel), we don’t have separate mailing lists for devs vs. users, and we don’t have a roadmap (but Emacs doesn’t either, right?)

I’d like to step back and think a bit about this – and the connection with the way our community works.

Dave Snowdon

Demonstration of how to get the best out of org mode

David Röthlisberger

author of can give a basic intro to Emacs

Dimitri Fontaine

el-get and Emacs Lisp Primer

Duncan MacGregor

Would like to do a lightning/short talk

Jim Myhrberg

Can cover Git usage via Emacs, but would give up his place for somebody more seasoned user who’s more versed about the topic

Joakim Verona, The xwidget Branch, need to speak early in the morning

Joakim suggested: I presented the xwidget branch previously at a gnu hacker meeting. This time I would like to do it a little bit differently, to involve hackers rather than just present what you can do. So, more of a technical session where attendants are asked to compile the branch in advance and so on. What do you think of this?

Joe Corneli, All Yesterday’s Tomorrows (30 minutes)

All Yesterday’s Tomorrows: The report on, and of, Project Arxana concerning word processing, electronic publishing, hypertext, etc.

John Wiegley

I would be happy to give a presentation. Any preferred topic ideas?

Luke Gorrie, How to write an IDE like SLIME (20 minutes)

Michael Olson, From Marmalade To Emacs (30 minute to one hour)

How to get an existing Emacs add-on into the Emacs codebase (or how to make a new add-on that is easy to get into Emacs). Scaled up version of previous talk. How to keep track of code authors or discover them from logs and git blame.

How to send requests for copyright assignment. Handling copyright headers in files. License choice in manuals, Debian vs. GNU considerations. Pros/cons of maintaining a separate version of your code after it has gone to Emacs, and strategies for handling it. Expectations for being on emacs-devel list to weigh in on patches.

Ryan White

Proposed ‘Emacs from scratch’, keener to see this idea presented rather than presenting. But can present if required.

If this talk gets chosen, then will need to be contacted.

Sacha Chua


Steve Yegge, Grok Emacs, (30 minutes to one hour)

Well, the project is called Grok. I did a talk on it at Stanford recently (, although it’s mostly about the backend and only shows a screen shot or two of the Emacs client.

The emacs mode is, of course, Grok Emacs. It’s actually a minor mode that overlays on whatever major mode you’re using. We currently support C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, and a few internal languages.

I could do a quick overview in 30 min, or a deep dive in an hour. I should be able to log in to work over VPN and give live demos of it in action.

Vivek Dasmohapatra

elim that’ll cover a few areas. Widgets. External processes.


Carl Worth (notmuch)

The Emacs Conference does sound interesting, and I agree it would be worthwhile to have someone presenting on notmuch there. I’m currently looking into my availability, (as well as checking whether one of the currently most-active notmuch developers would be interested in speaking there).

So let me get back to you later. And please feel free to ping me again if you need a reply and haven’t heard from me yet.

Jay Belanger (calc maintainer)

I’ve seen the discussion of the conference, and I wish I could be there. Right now it is very unlikely I’ll be able to make it, however. (If things change and I can make it, I’d be happy to give a presentation.) Maybe something about Calc and how it interacts with other buffers

Magnar Sveen

Unavailable for 7-9th March. Emacs Rocks talk

Nic Ferrier


Sam Aaron Emacs Live

Available only for 29th to 31st. Maybe also: Meta-eX - music with Emacs Live and Overtone

“Energy starts surging through your fingertips. Sparks fly, making the shadows grow and flicker ominously around you.”

This talk will introduce Emacs Live a pack-oriented structure for managing your .emacs.d. Emacs Live ships with a number of optional packs which add extra joy to your Emacs experience:

  • Foundation Pack
  • Colour Pack
  • Clojure Pack
  • Lang Pack
  • Power Pack

These combine to make Emacs an extremely powerful Live Coding tool with a specific focus on Clojure projects such as Quil and Overtone. However, the fun starts when you start to make your own packs…

Waiting for confirmation

Alex Ott

will confirm his availability at the beginning of January

Unavailable for March

Xue Fuqiao

Can’t make March, but can February, July and August.

Interactive sessions

How to deal with the interactive sessions like these?

We need an open space or room with table and chairs. Network would be a plus.

Hack night / hack lab

Your head will probably be spinning with ideas from all the great sessions. Sit down and hack your config – even if you’ve never touched Emacs Lisp before! This will be a working session where people can share what they’re planning to work on (config, bugs, new features, whatever), congregate in appropriate groups, and hack away.

Vimgolf in Emacs

Bring your own challenge for anyone to try to perform most efficiently in emacs, or replicate some of Tim Visher’s: http://

GTD and org mode

I will show how I take care of GTD with org-mode. (Ivan Kanis)

Primer in Lisp programing

Ask me what you are trying to do with Emacs and I will show you how to do it with elisp. (Ivan Kanis)

Nobody is covering

Beyond Emacs 24: the development roadmap

Recently talked about on emacs development list. There is no roadmap. Should there be one?

History of Emacs told by Mr. Stallman

Would be nice but RMS is not in Europe in March.

C++ programming with Emacs

Emacs is a wonderful text editor but lacks some of the features of modern IDE’s - specially for C++ programming. Specifically, Intelisense, integration with a help system and source code navigation are lacking. No doubt C++ notoriously complex grammar is partially to blame but the recent appearance of LLVM might provide the tools needed to solve this problem.

Java development in Emacs

There are some thing I still use eclipse for: - read my maven pom file and use it to auto complete class names and method names - auto generate javadoc with @param tags - auto-refactor: rename methods/ classes, pulling code out into a separate method, etc - automatically fix some compile errors (including auto-import classes) - flymake style compile warnings - auto generate getter/setter/toString/equals All of these sound like things doable in emacs. would love to see how people do it. I’ve never been able to get JDEE set up

Python development with Emacs

Show how to configure emacs for python development. For instance: - Setup auto completion (via ropemacs) - Configure emacs to highlight syntax errors and PEP8 violations as you code (via flymake) - Emacs virtualenv integration

Clojure development with Emacs

Clojure is a Lisp that runs on the JVM with great support for concurrency and easy integration with the plethora of java libraries. I’d like to cover how to set up emacs as a great environment for cutting Clojure code.

Emacs 24 is one of the best environment for learning Clojure and as Emacs configuration is Lisp then you can easily configure it with what you learn in Clojure. This session would help you establish the perfect? clojure environment using the latest version of Emacs, lots of great plugins for intelli-sense and REPL auto-completion. Clojure is much more fun with a REPL, so we will cover how to wire up Emacs with Leiningen 2 and also get auto-completion inside the REPL buffer in Emacs. We also cover writing your own macros to make writing Clojure even easier, eg. creating function definitions automagically. All the way through we will be learning all the relevant Emacs keyboard short-cuts that speedup Clojure development, eg. allow you to evaluate code function by function. We will even cover creating your own keyboard shortcuts.

Waiting on reply (see also

Sean O’Halpin Steve Mynott Thomas Koch Rahmu Dave Snowdon Kristian Hellquist Johan Andersson Jim Crossley Charles Turner

Book raffle

suggested by mhuber of Linux Magazine, Germany

One issue I see with this, is when the publishers send over titles, the customs hold them up sometimes even thought they are marked as ‘gifts’.