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Nice wrapper of PDFBox in Clojure
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Clojure PDF manipulation library & wrapper for PDFBox.

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Extract text

(require '[pdfboxing.text :as text])
(text/extract "test/pdfs/hello.pdf")

Merge multiple PDFs

(require '[pdfboxing.merge :as pdf])
(pdf/merge-pdfs :input ["test/pdfs/clojure-1.pdf" "test/pdfs/clojure-2.pdf"] :output "foo.pdf")

Split a PDF into mutliple PDDocuments

 (require '[pdfboxing.split :as pdf])

List of PDDocument pages 1 through 8

 (pdf/split-pdf :input "test/pdfs/multi-page.pdf" :start 1 :end 8)

Splits the PDF into single pages as a list of PDDocument

 (pdf/split-pdf :input "test/pdfs/multi-page.pdf")

Splits the PDF in half and writes them to disk as clojure-1.pdf and clojure-2.pdf

 (pdf/split-pdf-at :input "test/pdfs/multi-page.pdf")

Splits into two PDFs, the first having 5 pages and second has rest

 (pdf/split-pdf-at :input "test/pdfs/multi-page.pdf" :split 5)

List form fields of a PDF

To list fields and values:

(require '[pdfboxing.form :as form])
(form/get-fields "test/pdfs/interactiveform.pdf")
{"Emergency_Phone" "", "ZIP" "", "COLLEGE NO DEGREE" "", ...}

Fill in PDF forms

To fill in form's field supply a hash map with field names and desired values. It will create a copy of fillable.pdf as new.pdf with the fields filled in:

(require '[pdfboxing.form :as form])
(form/set-fields "test/pdfs/fillable.pdf" "test/pdfs/new.pdf" {"Text10" "My first name"})

Rename form fields of a PDF

To rename PDF form fields, supply a hash map where the keys are the current names and the values new names:

(require '[pdfboxing.form :as form])
(form/rename-fields "test/pdfs/interactiveform.pdf" "test/pdfs/addr1.pdf" {"Address_1" "NewAddr"})

Get page count of a PDF document

(require '[ :as info])
(info/page-number "test/pdfs/interactiveform.pdf")

Get info about a PDF document

Such as title, author, subject, keywords, creator & producer

(require '[ :as info])
(info/about-doc "test/pdfs/interactiveform.pdf")

Draw lines on a PDF document

Supply a PDF document, a name for the output PDF document, the coordinates where the line should be drawn along with the page number on which the line should be drawn

(require '[pdfboxing.draw :as draw])
(draw/draw-line :input-pdf "test/pdfs/clojure-1.pdf"
                :output-pdf "ninja.pdf"
                :coordinates {:page-number 0
                              :x 0
                              :y 160
                              :x1 650
                              :y1 160})

Compatibility with PDFBox's PDDocuments

The following functions referenced above have direct compatibility with PDFBox's internal PDDocument type:

  • text/extract
  • pdf/split-pdf
  • form/get-fields
  • form/set-fields
  • form/rename-fields
  • info/page-number
  • draw/draw-line

This allows you to substitute each filepath (of each function's input) referenced above with a PDDocument type. This is helpful for example in the case that you were to want to split a PDF up by pages and then extract the text from only the 3rd page:

(require '[pdfboxing.text :as text])
(require '[pdfboxing.split :as split])
(-> (split/split-pdf :input "test/pdfs/multi-page.pdf")
    (nth 2)
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